Area of taught subjects: Problems of methodology in the interpretation of images, The evolution and methods of art history and theory, History of universal art.

Area of taught subjects: Special course on Romanian art, Creative strategies in European and Romanian art, Art History, The development of the Master’s project / M.A.

Area of taught subjects: Visuality and knowledge, The development of the, Master’s projectThe evolution and methods of art history and theory, The status of museums in contemporary times, Dissertation / M.A.

Area of taught subjects: Mineralogy, Petrography, The comparative iconography of medieval art, Notions of dogmatic theology, The amelioration of microclimate factors in the conservation of cultural goods.

Area of taught subjects: Chemistry for the conservation and restoration of the work of art, General notions of chemistry, The chemistry of constitutive materials of the work of art, The chemistry of materials used in restoration, Fundamental notions of physics, Physical methods of investigation of the work of art.


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