The Mural Art Department was founded within the faculty of Decorative Arts through the education reform of 1948-1950, with the mission of training specialists in traditional techniques of ambient creation, capable to design and accomplish in situ works of mural art, sgraffitto, mosaic, and to work in their turn in the field of secondary or higher artistic education.

The development of the Department over time answered the social demands, being permanently connected to aesthetic and artistic thinking, to scientific discoveries, continuously assimilating new techniques and technologies, due to which it diversified its means of artistic expression and the methods of technological transfer. The educational process capitalizes on creativity, scientific and artistic research, on the development of design skills, on acquiring the artistic practices specific to the field of study.

The study aims at initiating and training students in public mural and ambient site specific art, both secular and religious, in traditional or new media techniques, as well as at initiating them in classic or modern design systems.

The participation of students and professors in national or international exhibition events is very important. The Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertations are sometimes made for public establishments, which demonstrates the professors’ pedagogic potential and the graduates’ degree of specialization. The works of art in public space represent at the same time an active factor in increasing the visibility of Romanian art education and partakes in the aesthetic remodeling of the city landscape, and in enriching the Romanian cultural patrimony.

The tradition of Romanian decorative arts combined with the current experiments and innovative concepts generated by the new media, technologies and materials, underlie some studies, projects, works in situ signed by students, Master’s students, doctoral students and professors within the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. The goal of the courses organized within the Mural Art Department and Master’s Studies, which include courses of Public Space Art, is to train visual artists capable to design and accomplish projects of contemporary Urban Art. At present, Romania hosts an unexploited creative potential with respect to the presence of visual arts in the cities. We are all aware of the seductive spectacle of the new materials / technologies / artistic means integrated in urban art, which demands that the artistic educational system diversify the study offer specific to the traditional Mural Art Department toward becoming familiar with and acquiring new art forms in the public space with a significant history in the field of contemporary visual arts.

The Mural Art Department owns five course rooms – studios, laboratory of techniques and technologies for mural transfer: fresco, mosaic, sgraffitto, a.o., a media laboratory / digital image processing, a laboratory for icon art. The theoretical courses are carried out in the Amphitheater Hall of NUA and in the course rooms in the building in General Budisteanu 19.




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Carols around the Christmas Tree
12 December 2018


We are waiting for you with Christmas Carols and a glass of mulled wine around the Christmas tree, Wednesday, December 12 at 12.00, at the groundfloor of the headquarters of the University, Str. Gener...
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Opening of the Academic Year 2018-2019
1 October 2018


Monday, the 1st of October 2018 at 12.00 AM at the Amphitheatre Hall of the National University of Arts Bucharest (Str. Grivitei, nr. 28) will be held the official opening of the Academic Year 2018-20...
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UNARTE Graduates' Awards,
Class of 2018

5 July 2018


Thursday, July the 5th 2018 at the headquarters of the National University of Arts Bucharest, from Calea Grivitei nr. 28., during the Graduates of the Fashion Departament Gala, which will start...
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The UNARTE Sculpture Department will participate at the Museums Night at MNAR with the event Museum - Workshop @ MNAR 2018
19 May 2018


The National Art Museum of Romania, together with students and teachers from the Sculpture Department at the National University of Arts Bucharest proposes the transformation for one evening of th...
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Open Doors Day at UNArte - 2018 Edition
10 June 2018


Sunday 10th June 2018 will be held The Day of the Open Doors at the National University of Arts, Bucharest. For one day, you will have the opportunity to visit the university's workshops an...
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