The structuring principles of the Department of Theory, Education, Research were devised in relation with the formative requirements specific to the vocational education within the National University of Arts in Bucharest, as well as in agreement with the European academic standards generalized through the Bologna process.

This Department includes the study program of Art Pedagogy, as well as a Master’s studies program of Education through visual arts. Similarly, there is a research team operating within the Department.

The Department is a continuator of the prestigious teaching tradition, a century and a half old, of theoretical subjects fundamental to artistic training – artistic anatomy, perspective, philosophy and aesthetics, foreign languages – to which we added a series of formative subjects (electives) over time.

The formative-instructive activity within this department is designed in agreement with the radical changes of the intellectual, cultural and socio-political environment, in which the professional artist in the field of visual arts is currently placed, an environment which changed the traditional artistic manual skills as previously theorized under “techne” or “ars”. In this new context of transition from the paradigm of manual labor to the paradigm of research and production of complex artistic projects – directed by a conceptual imagination and theoretical knowledge – the Department of Theory, Education and Research becomes an essential part in producing artistic achievements which will be finalized in Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate dissertations. In this context, the theoretical subjects taught in the Department go beyond the mere needs of information, general knowledge and intellectual refinement, becoming a fundamental resource for the artistic creation and career orientation.

In essence, the Department of Theory, Education and Research operates based on the principle of multidisciplinarity and unification of artistic practices with theoretical practices aiming, at the level of strategic objectives, at stimulating the students’ and Master students’ creativity. At the same time, the educational activity promoted within this department continuously maintains a dynamic balance between subjects which constitute the identitary nucleus of the European culture tradition and the current intellectual challenges, generated by the “global and informational era”.

The continuity, coherence, consistency, mobility and openness to renewal, the attachment to students and Master students, the institutional and peer solidarity, the permanent educational dialogue represent for the members of the Department of Theory, Education and Research both achievement values and natural conditions for daily teaching activities.




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The Exhibition "Polish Posters for Theatre, Film and Opera from the collection Krysztof Dydo” at UNAgaleria
14 november 2017


On Tuesday, November 6, 2017 at UNAgaleria was opened the exhibition "Polish Posters for Theatre, Film and Opera from the collection Krysztof Dydo”, organized by the Polish Institute in c...
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UNArte exhibition at Ilfoveanu Cultural Foundation
7 November 2017


On the 7th of November 2017 the Ilfoveanu Cultural Foundation from Pitesti hosted the opening of the exhibition entitled "Coming from line and form - Engraving / Sculpture", an e...
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The reopening of the UNArte Gallery
23 October 2017


Monday, 23 October 2017, at 18.00 hours, UNAgaleria will be inaugurated in a new exhibiting space located at 29 Baiculesti street, in the precincts of Combinatului Fondului Plastic, wit...
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UNArte attending the International Conference "Living as Form”
20 October 2017


Between October 26-27, 2017 Dr. Roxana Trestioreanu, will represent the National University of Arts at the International Conference „Living as Form” organized in Amsterdam, The Netherlands...
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The opening of the new UNArte Gallery
12 October 2017


Soon will be opened the new exhibiting space of the National University of Arts Bucharest, located at 29 Baiculesti street in Bucharest (in the precincts of Combinatului Fondului Plastic)....
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