The Graphic Arts Department aims at training multi-disciplinary specialists in the area of graphic arts, be they visual artists who can carry out their activities in diverse environments and employ different techniques, or specialists in the applied areas specific to graphic arts. The multitude of directions in which are students are trained during the three years of Bachelor’s studies bring together the autonomous artistic creation in the field of visual arts, engraving and multiplication techniques, advertising graphics, book graphics, illustration and the art of writing, digital image processing or photographic image seen as an element circumscribed to graphic creation.

Within our Department, a special emphasis is placed on acquiring rigorous skills based on drawing and visual composition, seen as constitutive elements in the formation of the plastic alphabet and as starting points for any type of future artistic endeavor. In parallel, the development of each student’s creative potential is capitalized on constantly, through encouraging the individual artistic discourse, through gaining a critical understanding of the evolution of the visual phenomenon in general and of the contemporary visual phenomenon in particular, as well as through the continuous responsiveness to the new trends. With respect to the applied fields, it is worth mentioning that there is a constant preoccupation among the teaching personnel in the Department with correlating the educational process with the market’s concrete demands through the carrying out of orders for real clients, as an integral part of class projects, aiming to familiarize the students during their studies with the exigencies of their future professional activity.

The Graphic Arts Department owns six studios for the core subjects – two for each year of study –, two specialized engraving laboratories equipped with engraving press, letterpress and lithography press, a photo laboratory and a computer laboratory equipped with Macintosh and PC systems. Through their training and experience, the teaching personnel ensures the students’ training in the various subjects and specializations mentioned above; the educational process is enriched periodically with workshops and lectures organized within the Department, to which specialists in specific fields who come from outside the academic environment are invited to share their experience.





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