The National University of Arts is undergoing a process of designing a new communication model. What renders us viable in this process of transformation is our strong tradition, the Western-European technical school, on the one hand, and the Byzantine tradition, on the other, the vanguard elements provided by renowned students such as Constantin Brancusi and Victor Brauner, the knowledge of great professors from the interwar and postwar eras and, generally speaking, the vision embodied by authentic artists, graduates of the Bucharest school.

The change in the communication paradigm prompts the teaching personnel to permanently research and analyze the contemporary artistic context, with regards both to language and to significations. In this context, we hope that the future generations of students posses the skills, sensitivity and cultural knowledge necessary to support our enterprise.

Catalin Balescu





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Presentation of Intermark International Design College

18 January 2017


A presentation of Intermark International Design College – IIDC from Shanghai JianQiao University - SJQU will be held on Ednesday 18th of January 2017, at 11.00 hours, at the Amphithea...
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